Sub-care providers – how to find

Hi folks,
I will bet that many of you opened this because you are having trouble, and your agency is not being very helpful.  Unfortunately, this is a story which has been going on for years.
I spoke with a member of the ACQ and she suggested that every time (every time) you ask for sub care from your family living agency, and they put you off, or suggest you had to find someone to do it, that you send a RORI (Request for regional intervention) to your local regional office.  This is not ‘tattleing’ to the boss, but rather saying to DDSD, “I need help please” and the agency then has to answer to DDSD.  The member said that it is in the standards and regulations that the agency has to provide sub-care, so this action will put the the agency on the spot to do something.
Good luck, and I hope this idea helps.
Unfortunately, after I wrote this, I went looking for the RORI so that I could give you the url (address) and I couldn’t find it.  After 2 calls to DDSD Metro, finally a staff member sent it to me, but said the website was down, and the url on the bottom of the form does not work.
Following up on that, I found that DOH and DDSD are reworking the website and moving everything of the actNewMexico site, which will then be abandoned.  This will hopefully happen by the end of the year.  (I wouldn’t hold my breath, and that is from working in the computer industry and watching it for decades.)
Good luck all, for all you endeavors.

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